Pietrogrande lubrificanti

Founded in 1957 by Melchiore Pietrogrande and Luce Chelli in Este, in the province of Padua, the Pietrogrande company has specialized since the beginning in the production and distribution of lubricating oil. In 1973, with the new generation leading the Paduan company (the sons Luciano and Mario), the company continued to grow and spread, expanding its product range and expanding its services.

In 2017 Pietrogrante S.r.l. decides to become part of the pool of companies that make up the Fiorese Group. Thus consolidates its experience within a specialized group, with a long history behind it. The Rossano Veneto company was founded in fact in the 50s and became a leader in the Triveneto in the distribution of fuels and lubricants, service collection and treatment of industrial waste.

10 Reasons to Choose Pietrogrande lubrificanti

  1. Warehouse availability
  2. Delivery speed
  3. Customer service
  4. Technical-analysis support with specialized personnel
  5. Sale of lubricants and batteries
  6. Exhausted oil recovery
  7. Recovery of exhausted batteries
  8. Sale of spare parts for light vehicles
  9. Sale of spare parts for heavy vehicles
  10. Sale of spare parts for agricultural vehicles